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Welcome to "My Korean Obsession" Annyeonghaseyo My name is Farheen.I do graphical designing. Enjoy my gif posts Kpop Designs and lots more about Korea. You can ask anything from me.I sometimes do freelancing as well.

When Han Shi woo died in God’s Quiz 4

 I was happy when kidnappers released Shi woo 

But after few minutes…….

Suddenly someone shoot him in the head.

My Reaction

When I saw the scene of Shi woo lying at the stretcher 

I wanna kill all of them who killed my oppa 

I could not control my emotions. How such kind person died at the end? 

I will always remember your remarkable acting you have given in God’s Quiz season 4 though you had small role but still it was intense  in your last appearance.

Please comeback soon with another drama. I love you so much. 

Anonymous said: I saw you reblogged a picture with a tag of 'how can he be so attractive with 90% of his face covered',please don't laugh at me but I can't recognise the picture. Who is he? He look like kris but he doesn't look like him.





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