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This is section where i write  my thoughts related to Korea which connects my whole life. Korea, a best friend when all left me, It gave me reason to survive and still it is. A girl who was about to end her life,Korea gave her a life 

1. Who was I

2. How Korea changed my life

3. Myths Abouth Koreans 

Myths About Koreans

It is the common myth that culture remains static of any region. It is associated with the people lifestyle and customs. Culture changes with the change of customs or beliefs and life style of people. Before the advancement of technology we used to use traditional means to connect with people worldwide. It does not mean if some nation used to practice some customs before 10 or 20 years, they would likely to practice currently with the advancement of technology and also education. Nations who believe that culture should not change then they have less change to prosperous with the rest of the world. When I was introduced to Korean culture, it opened the door to view other cultures outside of my country Pakistan. I started understanding the cultures with openness; it really helped me in changing my perception about the people and countries. It was the good experience of how Koreans become the prosperous Nation and took out their country from the bankruptcy in 1997.

I still remember when someone ask me why you like Korean music and someone interrupted and look down by saying “KOREANS ARE SO DIRTY”.I was so got angered from this racist comment. I replied at same tone “WHO TOLD YOU? THEY ARE MUCH BETTER THAN US AND WE ALL USE THEIR PRODUCTS”. She had no counter argument for this. Such racist attitude didn’t stop it. People used to look down on me because I like those cultures whose eats filthy animals dog, pork and cat. Some other girl argued me on their eating culture when she got know I like East Asian Culture.  That girl told me that his brother left his job in Malaysia because Filipinos eat cat meat and he had to shake hands with them. I replied then “SO, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH THIS? WE HAVE STRONG POLITICAL RELATION WITH CHINA AND USA, AREN’T THEY EAT RAW MEAT AND PORK. ARENT WE ALLY OF THEM? WE  STILL SHAKE HANDS WITH THEM.WHY YOU LISTEN AMERICAN MUSIC AND WATCH THEIR MOVIES? ”Then  I left lounge for the class because I had no interest to listen her racist comments.

 Unfortunately majority of people here look down other whether due to cultural or religious beliefs.

Here are some popular stereotypes of Korea which people usually states to me as I am great advocate of Korea and other East Asian Nations.

1.      Koreans are Homosexual:

                                   There is little knowledge about homosexuality among the people because of some religious and cultural barriers. Homosexuality does not relate to any particular country and it is everywhere. It is related to genetic and psychological disorders which force them to become Homosexual. Most of people to whom I interacted, they all have same stereotyped that “Koreans seems like gay, they don’t have hair on the faces neither on their bodies.”  People seem ignorant and less open towards other cultures.  God has created them with different features so if we are making fun of their features; we are actually making fun of God creation. Most of us believe that we are superior to another race. Before building any stereotype we need to explore culture first which is essential for us to avoid any stereotype. Mainly holding hands with or any affection towards same sex has targeted as “Homosexual” which is wrong perception among the people.  These particular behaviors do not make you homosexual as I told earlier that there are many detailed reasons to be homosexual. In kpop we see that all male singers have bromance through which people develop negative perception. In Korea it is not easy to identify who is homosexual due to their affection bonding between same sex. Couples of years the opinions about the homosexual people are transformed, homosexual characters are started appearing in kdramas like Personal Taste, Life is beautiful and Korean movie “A frozen flower” and some other short movies but still the acceptance of homosexual in Korean society is still not open yet. According to the global poll conducted by Pew Research Center in 2013, a Washington-based think tank, the number of South Koreans that agreed with the statement “homosexuality should be accepted by society” more than doubled from 2007 to this year to 39%. That was by far the biggest leap among the 39 countries surveyed.

Despite the opinion of people, there is lack of legal recognition for sexual minorities in South Korea, which does not sanction gay marriage. There are no official data on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual populations and few studies. In 2013 the first gay marriage was announced by film director Kim Jho Gwang-soo  and his partner Kim Seung-hwan which is still not recognized by the Korean legal authorities. In their marriage there was unpleasant incident happened in their ceremony when unidentified man rushed onto the stage and tossed food onto members of the choir. Yonhap news agency later identified the man as an elder in a Christian church. He was detained by police. The protest to the concert of Lady Gaga was also happened by Christian group outside the venue because of accusing her of spreading gay publicity.


 In contrast when comedian Hong Suk Chun became the first Korean celebrity to declare his homosexuality in 2000, he got fired from his job and banned on TV as well. A few of celebrities also committed suicide after losing his job and discrimination behaviors  but now the Hong Suk Chun appears in the National TV shows .

   I also support LGBT Rights but in a different way. There are many reasons of being the homosexual and one of most factors is genetic problems and others are violence and sexually abuse.  Other than genetic, we can control violence and sexual abuse which is also the reason to change the sexual orientation. We need to eliminate those materialistic factors which are the cause of Homosexuality, not the people. I don’t support Gay marriages because it could end the human race. It induces the moral confusion and also we can’t get real happiness neither differentiates between right and wrong. It also has negative implications on the teenagers when homo couples show their intimate relationships publicly.  Other than that it can induces diseases too like HIV. God has created the beautiful relationship between male and female and due to their strong bonding it resulted into the warm family. God has created different personalities in male and female and when they bond together they can support each other in difficult times. Males usually are physically strong enough to protect his woman and females generally are strong emotionally and have ability of patience; when they both bond together it leads to happily life and self-satisfaction.

  I think today the whole world has become materialistic, people don’t have time to listen neither understand the other problems and person has to force to suffer by themselves. We should not leave them alone and give different psychological therapies those suffering from mental illness. According to some source 1 out of 4 people who become homosexual have experience sexual or physical abuse. They deserve love not hate from us. If you were not there in their difficult times then you don’t have right to judge them as well.  


2. Koreans eat Dog meat:

Back days in Joseon  Period, Koreans do eat dog meat but when Buddhism became the main religion during Korean dynasty the consumption of Dog meat has stopped.  During the Korean War, the dog meat became only food for the survival of Koreans. It was the hard situation at time when Koreans had to live on dog meat because it is only source of proteins for them and though it is cheap too. This tradition continues during the bad economical era. Now the things has been totally changed, there are few older generation who consumes dog meat not on daily basis. They believe it is the source of protein and acts as medicine when they sick. There are some restaurants who serve dog meat but they are very rare. Most of the Koreans do not eat Dog meat. They consider dogs as friendly and cute pets. Most of the Koreans are also against the Dog meat trade Industry.  Young generation is very uncomfortable when they ask about dog meat consumption and they highly discourage this practice. There are some organizations which are actively striving to protect animals such as KARE, KARA and KAAP.  

Though there are no proper laws for dog meat Industry  because of conflicting laws and the very definition of what a dog is—livestock vs. non-livestock—dog and cat meat is neither legal nor illegal but inhabits “a legal blind spot” in South Korea. Dr. Tae-Yung Kim, Ph.D., director of the General Animal Health Division, of the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MIFAFF), has said that “there are no legal grounds for the practice of eating dogs in Korea. A vacuum exists in our legal framework.” MIFAFF does not recognize dog meat as legal, but the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW), which controls dog meat post-slaughter, does, creating a legal “grey area”.

         It is not necessary what we eat or not is should follow by others. Every country has their own culture and set of values and individuals has their own. Pork meat is mainly popular in South Korea culture. We should be respectful to other cultures and need to see other culture with openness.


3. Koreans are fake/Plastic:

    Plastic Surgery is most popular in South Korea. Most of the people do Double Eye lid, Rhinoplasty, Jaw lines and totally transformation of face. First we need to understand the reasons why they do cosmetic surgeries.  There may be so many factors such as Psychological disorder and media influence. I am not against the plastic surgery but the full transformation gets overboard. Recently the Korean female reporter Won Jayhun has undergone into transformation of jawline and it was highly discouraged by the people saying that she looks better before. Some of the articles also gave opinions in favor of her

“Several years ago, Won Jayhun apparently got some work done. But the photos posted of her online, showing how her plastic surgery “ruined” her face are not accurate representations of how she actually looks—even, if they are, oddly, from her Twitter page and date from 2012. The photos were taken from a low angle (remember, angles are important!), and they might have even been run through some sort of digital image manipulation. Who knows”

         From same blog it is also stated that According to USA Today, the United States leads the world in the number of plastic surgeons and the number of procedures. Getting into the nitty-gritty, the U.S. leads the world in lipolplasty (fat removal), breast augmentation, blepharoplasty (for the eye region), and abdominoplasty (for abs). China, Japan, and Brazil beat the U.S. in nose jobs. As The Economist (via KoreaBang) pointed out last year, data revealed that 16 in 1,000 Koreans had undergone plastic surgery. Korean newspaper Chosun.com counters that half of those are non-invasive surgeries like peeling and botox. The Economist’s data, which was collected from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, does show a high percentage of non-invasive plastic surgery. And as KoreaBang points out, the number does not account for tourists who come to South Korea from surrounding Asian countries for plastic surgery.

                                                      By: http://kotaku.com/korean-plastic-surgery-is-not-what-it-seems-1512273081


According to report of MBC that foreigners who visited to Korea for the plastic surgery were 50 thousand in 2009 and increased to 20,000 thousand in 2010. Foreigners are mainly from other Asian countries like China, Russia and other parts of world too because it is more reasonable and affordable in South Korea.

In Kpop world, most of Kpop idols have undergone into plastic surgeries mainly double eye lid and Nose surgery. It is acceptable in Showbiz because the beauty of any celebrity is always the first priority but it should not go over excessive.  There are exceptional cases when someone goes into full transformation it could be because of discrimination, agency interference or psychological disorder ,mainly too much degradation of oneself leads to attempt plastic surgery and suicide too which are the major problems in South Korea.

Sometimes Plastic surgery has side effects too which can also leads to death as well.

According to Korea Times “On March 6 2014, a 34-year-old woman lapsed into a coma while undergoing liposuction and rhinoplasty at a clinic in Gangnam, according to police. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died in the ambulance.

Four days earlier, a 33-year-old man lost his life after undergoing jaw resection surgery in Busan. In December last year, a high school graduate was declared brain dead after having rhinoplasty and “double eye-lid” surgery at another clinic in Gangnam.

She has been hospitalized as legal action continues to establish whether her condition was the result of medical malpractice.

According to the Korea Consumer Agency, the number of complaints reported on the negative side-effects from cosmetic surgery increased to 110 last year from 71 in 2009.

Experts point out those clinics should be equipped with appropriate medical equipment to deal with emergencies that can occur during a surgery.

However, most do not have this or any other measures in place.

In data provided to Rep. Choi Dong-ik of the main opposition Democratic Party (DP), 77 percent out of 1,100 clinics performing cosmetic surgery were not equipped with defibrillators or ventilators, which are mandatory devices for first aid. Only 1.2 percent of such clinics in Gangnam have emergency equipment.

Since there are no clear regulations requiring plastic surgery clinics to have this, some doctors do not make the necessary preparations to deal with emergencies, increasing the risk of fatalities during procedures, doctors said.

Also, questionable was pre-operative counseling at such clinics. At one visited by The Korea Times, a staff member, called a “coordinator,” counseled patients before they meet with the doctor. Most of the counseling was about fees, but the coordinator also offered a diagnosis as if she was a doctor.

“Most coordinators are former assistant nurses. Though they are not completely ignorant of medical matters, they are prohibited from diagnosing patients as if they are doctors,” a plastic surgeon said, on condition of anonymity.

On Feb. 21, Rep. Nam Yoon In-soon of the DP and members of Korean Womenlink, a women’s’ rights group, called for a wide-range of inspections for such clinics, a ban on plastic surgery advertisements and heavier punishment for clinics that don’t have emergency medical equipment.

Some experts also called for stricter regulations on cosmetic surgery advertisements, saying that “they recklessly prompt people to take a risk by downplaying the potential hazards.”

In Apgujeong Subway Station in southern Seoul, walls are full of ads for clinics with photographs of “desirable women,” who have apparently benefited from surgery there.

Laws governing medical advertizing state that such billboards must have warnings included details of the potential side effects of surgery, but most have these in such small lettering that it is barely legible. An abundance of plastic surgery ads appeared after the government allowed medical institutions to set up promotions outside their premises in 2012.”

I believe that Plastic surgery does not make people fake or affect anyone’s life. It’s their own life and they have right to live how they want. The inner side remains the same with or without surgery. We should not judge people because of physical appearance. People who goes surgery for once for slightly changes or if they have genuine reason like if someone deformed his/her face due to accident or by birth as well is acceptable for me but people who wants to undergo for full transformation who does not need, they may have some psychological disorder to attempt such surgery.

4. Koreans are racists:

It is very common myth about the Koreans that they are racists and keep reserve very much from other nations. Korea used to be a mono cultural place therefore it would be quite uncomfortable for other ethnic groups to interact especially by older generation but not in nasty manner. As the older generation did not get chance to expose to other cultures so it would be hard to understand other ethnic groups. Now the younger generation of Korea have exposed to many cultures so they will not have any problem in interacting with other nations. Many people misunderstood Koreans because they keep very reserve it is mainly because of communication barriers. In Korea there are harmony between the religions, everyone can choose which belief they  want to follow or remain as atheist. No one will interfere in your personal matters but sometimes it is also being seen that some ethnic groups try to interfere in beliefs and convince others to convert. It is quite disturbing and unethical to interfere in other personal affairs. Everyone has to keep their belief with their own self.

One of my friends also asked me that Koreans have racist attitude towards Muslims and i clarified about this myth too. Usually Muslims are much having superiority complex and sometimes they try to preach Islam to Non-Muslim intentionally to convert them into Muslims. I think it is against the morals values. I believe all religions are equal and need to be respected. Though I am not very much religious but I respect and love all religions. If we were in their place, would you like to let them interfere in your beliefs? Everyone has right to live according to their life style and even if they want to remain atheist so it is the right to choose their own belief. No one should be judge on basis of religious beliefs.


5. Kpop is illuminati:

                    This will be a quite interesting for all kpop fans. There was a time when I started believing illuminati and lose faith in God. I seek counseling from the religious scholar then I regained my faith in God and conclude that If there is any secret society who controls whole world then “What is the reason of existence of God”, “Do you think Evil have much power than God”.I have the strong belief in God and I can’t lose now because of stupid fairy tales. I still remember when I used to watch popular Pakistani children show about secret society which story revolves around ghost, witches and Lucifer  “Aenak wala Jin” on National TV so it means Pakistan propagates illuminati at that time? It would be stupidity if someone believes. I also make such shapes signs does it make me illuminati?

Making of triangle or one eye does not make you illuminati; it is your inner intention which makes you angel and evil. Every human has good and evil side. It needs to show evil side of person through the devil.  People should not mix choreography with such theories. Now the most of signs are part of the gestures now.  These theories are just seems good in dramas or movies, not in real life. We need to see things with logic. Someone has also told me that last London Olympics was held by illuminati which were the most awful joke I ever listened. No wonders why atheism is propagating so fast because of increasingly manipulation of the religion for own sakes and judgmental attitude of people in the light of religion. People are getting tired of such behaviors and becoming atheists. I believe it is the duty of only God to decide who is right and wrong.

Now the recent controversy of CL’s MTBD has proved also that how much we are negatively obsess with religion. I have listened this song many times but didn’t offend at all. I didn’t listen any Quranic Verse too; it was just the tone and haters need to listen Arabic music too. Sami Yousaf (Spiritual Singer) was also accused by using word of Allah and religion in spiritual songs too. He is the symbol of Peace and brotherhood in the world but unfortunately we do not promote such people. His songs always give me motivation to do good deeds with the people irrespective of their religious beliefs and ethnic groups.

 God has made humans to spread peace and love not to fight with each other in the name of any religion. 

How Korea changed my life

I am going to hang out with my friends on this weekend. My family is bond together. I usually go to my relatives to spend weekend on their home. We watch movies; have fun and play together late night. My life is perfect. I am blessed to have such family and friend.I wish it was true about my life.

There was the time when I was suffering from epilepsy, I thought it would end my life and I would go again into isolation. I was losing control on myself. The anger and distress made my life more miserable. I had nothing for which I should have lived. I used to cried alot in my room and screamed “Why God chose me?”“Why God made me like this?”. My high dose medicine led me to the suicidal thoughts. That time I had no one to let me cry on. I was losing hope and confidence. I was totally under the influence of my family. I could not have right to decide about my future. I spent my whole life to satisfy others. I had no direction in my life neither I knew where I was heading to? People started interfering me when I started listening kpop. One of them complained to my mom that I am become crazy about Korea and then my mom started doubting me what I do on facebook, whom I talk. Then I took the decision to delete all of them. I don’t know if it was the right decision or not but one thing I was sure about that now no one can interfere in my life and I can do whatever I want.  Now when I reflect this decision I think it was right thing which I have done before. Now my life has totally changed and I have no regrets on my decision. It is much better to be lonely instead of having dual face friends.

I am proudly to say that because of Korea I got my right path and became more focused.  One person came in my life like a ray of hope that realized my worth and gave me the reason of my existence. The first person who acknowledged my work and sent his album along with poster as the appreciation. I was not expecting that he would remember my work because it was just the video which I created as fan. When the article about my documentary posted on the site, it was the most memorable moment in my life which I can’t forget. That time I was passing through very harsh times when he appeared in my life. He is inspiration for my life and I will never stop to support him. I am now the admin of his official Page and Official Pakistan fan club too. I don’t know if that person still knows me or forget me because usually celebrities don’t remember their fans. One thing I am sure I will never leave his side, will try my best to promote and support him always. He is the only one appeared as the bright light when there was nothing except darkness in my life. He even might not aware how he reformed my life. I pray to God to give me the chance to meet him in person in Korea. When I still feel down, God always give me happiness in small packets and I am sure one day God will turn my dream into reality. I will show those people who look down on me.  There is nothing impossible in this world. If you have passion and determination for anything, you can achieve anything. I am still going through the bad phase of my life but one thing which I strongly believe is that 

 “One person cannot change the world but you can become the world for someone, a warm, bright,and peaceful world. If everyone can be such a world to one person, one will become ten people and then a hundred, the world will be full of happy people then.”       

That’s how this blog came into being. I am not intending to turn my blogs into paid because I believe if I run for money then I will become more selfish and my life will be with full of guilt. I don’t want to get my reward in terms of money because I strongly believe that God will reward me one day.  If you share same passion and want to excel in your life, then you can rely on me. If you have same problems, I am here for you to cheer you up. ^_^

Documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7PWx7-FJcg&feature=g-user-u

Article: http://news.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=20120919000611&md=20120922003344_AT




Interview where JJUN and reporter appreciated documentary: http://www.youngsamsung.com/culture.do?cmd=view&seq=67725&tid=405


Who was I

Sometimes few people can’t able to express their feelings to others. They hide themselves around the corner. They adopt the isolation due to the fears of people. I was also one of them. It was the most hurtful days when I isolated myself from the world.

I am born as CP child which means a disorder that affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills (the ability to move in a coordinated and purposeful way). CP is usually caused by brain damage that occurs before or during a child’s birth, or during the first 3 to 5 years of a child’s life. I had severe speech disorder. I started talking at very late age. I went to America for three months for my treatment. I had spent good times with doctors over there. When I came back after few months I got admitted in school. My early days of school went fine but once I came in 2nd grade, it was the beginning of my hurtful experiences.

It was the first day in my new school; I saw the group of girls standing in the corridor. I was standing near and I was trying to talk to them but failed. I was very shy at that time. I got courage to ask where the class is. One of them harshly replied “Can’t you see it’s in front of you”. I couldn’t talk back and went  straight to the class. I used to sit quietly in the class room. I hardly talked to any of them. Due to my speech disorder i was introvert at that time. Continuously being bullied by students made me more sensitive.

I didn’t have any good cousins or friend who I could spend my time. I skipped from bully for a time being because of my operations of appendices and leg in 3rd grade and 4th grade respectively. When I was operated when I was in 4th class I was at bed rest for 1 year. I just gave my final papers of 4th class. When I was at home my class fellows used to send me cards and letters. I was very happy on receiving their love but I didn’t know these happy moments were very temporarily. I resumed my studies from 5th grade again. It was the time when I entered new phase of bully and ignorant attitudes of students and teachers. I was accused by the teacher on the missing of student’s belongings. This bullying of students lasted for 5 years continuously and including my family conflicts. One of the students used to bully me on my age when I was at 10th grade because I  admitted late in school due to my treatment process. The consequences of discrimination I got migraine and I totally isolated myself. Being living in conservative environment, it added my sufferings. I became more like autistic child. My suicidal thoughts could not let me to live a normal life, I even tried to do so but always got failed.

    I entered into the college and spent two years over there. It was quite fine but my other personal problems were increasingly affecting  on my personality. I used to feel  discriminate from others. The fears of people and their discriminate attitude made me isolated. In 2009 when  military operation took place in northern areas of Pakistan. I got myself too much involve in Army operation because of having Army background. I started watching videos of army operations and brutal killings of innocent soldiers by Taliban including beheaded as well. I got epilepsy which is a brain disorder in which a person has repeated seizures (convulsions) over time. Seizures are episodes of disturbed brain activity that cause changes in attention or behavior. I got treatment for two years without knowing to my friends. The medicines I used to take were highly heavy dose. My routine got totally affected. I used to sleep 12 hrs. daily. Sometimes when I skipped my medicine I got another attack of epilepsy. I was fed up from my life; it lasted from 2009 to 2011. It was the deadly period I ever experienced in my life. My journey of hurtful incidents didn’t stop still, I changed myself but still people criticize me because now I condemn their double standards and keep realizing the reality of the place where they live in. Now the thing which keep myself happy is only Korea which I will discuss in my 2nd article “How Korea changed my life”

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